Today's rapid changes in development tools and technologies force complicated decisions on us and our customers. Often we must explore these technologies at high cost and often we find that they don't meet our requirements and sometimes don't work at all.

We are different because we have paid the price and have mastered the building of working prototypes for database systems on the Internet. Our definition of working prototype is:

A fully functional system that includes the essential requirements and it is built for a fixed price and delivered in a short time frame.

We serve an important need for government and larger corporate clients. We start projects and complete them to the point where traditional solution providers can take over and modify and extend the project's usefulness.

The keys features are:
  • We have agreement with our customer on what features are essential. These are measurable tasks.
  • We have agreement on cost. No overruns.
  • We have agreement on time frame. There is no missed deadline.
  • We use standard technologies which are readily available in the marketplace. Nothing eccentric.
  • We program using open source techniques. Nothing hidden. All can read, understand and modify.
  • Our systems are easily handed off to larger development teams for expansion.
  • Our systems are easily moved on to customer or other host servers.

These sites have been built using the working prototype approach:
Standards (NIST, DOC)